Have you ever noticed that the closer you get to something the more you see tiny flaws which weren’t apparent from a short distance away? When I enjoy the flower beds in my yard I find this all the time. As I get up close I see the little places where bugs have done their damage, etc. However, the beauty of the flower is just as real even though there might have been attempts to destroy it. I find the same is true with man.

It seems the closer we get to one another the more we can see the character defects in each of us. The amazing thing is that when we do get closer to one another the more we are able to simply let go of the character defects knowing they are not the identity of the person. We know that God just isn’t finished with them yet.

Today, this message has been talking to me. God has been showing me the importance of surrendering fully to Him, His Son Jesus and trusting them and The Holy Spirit. Today I seem to realize that this surrender comes naturally when intimacy is firmly in place in a relationship. There is something I’m realizing about intimacy. When someone is close to you it is easy to trust them when you know they have your best interest in mind. Nothing they would do would damage you, and in fact, it would benefit you and give you joy. I’m better understanding that this is what God has been trying to teach me all along about trusting Him. He has His best interest in mind completing His Kingdom work and in so doing, my involvement would never damage me. What damages me is my fear when I won’t step into a risk God is wanting taken.

Sin has damaged everyone of us just like the insects in my garden and flower beds. However, God knows how to address and take care of this as I trust Him and surrender to His Care, doing His Will rather than mine.

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