I write the title of this blog this morning and I immediately think, it not only continues, it restarts too. Yesterday was the restart of my working with schools and districts on site. I was able to go to the school and prepare with the administration for the start of students returning. My prayer is that students will be able to return here and across our nation/world. Teachers and administrators across the world learned much about teaching virtually in the past several months, but there is nothing that can replace the face to face instruction. Relationships between a teacher and a student cannot be established nearly as well when a device brings us together rather than the proximity of our persons being together.

The messages of late in my devotions continue to focus on total surrender and the cost of it. I found it intriguing with today’s message. The cost of surrender is not as much my cost as it is a cost for those close to the one surrendering. Have you ever had a good friend who moved away because they were being drawn to a new location, job, etc.? When God is calling one to relocate the one being relocated has a new purpose in front of them. That in and of itself is motivating. But, if you are the one left behind with your friend or family member leaving, it can be very disheartening. The message of this morning was to keep eyes on God and listen to His message. At the same time trust that He is also taking care of the ones left. He is their God too. If we stay, we don’t allow God to complete what He has in mind for all connected.

When Kathy and I went to Yemen in the mid 90’s we struggled greatly leaving family, especially Kathy’s. She had just lost her dad month’s ahead of our departure. Only after we got to Yemen did we begin to see and hear how God was taking care of those at home. Our trust and obedience brought relationships together which otherwise wouldn’t have happened and only God can do this. Our obedience is key.

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