Well, the laptop issues are still with me. As I began my devotions my mind kept wanting to shift to the issues and this time I said out loud that I’m here for Jesus. Yes, you may know my triggers, Satan, but Jesus is my Rock and Shield. You’ll have to go through Him to get to me. The interruptions stopped and as I type this I realize I didn’t have anymore of them. Jesus is such a Mighty Savior, Lord and Friend.

I had requested my computer protection company call me this morning at 8:00 am which they said they would. Well, they called much ahead of this while I was still in bed so they are calling me back in a little while so we can get to the bottom of the problem. I don’t function well with unresolved issues looming over me. My laptop is only a year old and I use if daily with the schools I serve so it is vital. All this said, even though yesterday was a productive day of canning beans, cutting down 3 rows of corn stalks to feed the neighbor’s cattle, etc., I was uptight all day.

The humanness of me truly shows at these times and I hate this fact. I confessed them this morning and God reminded me who He is to me and I to Him. My value to Him is not measured by any of this. I am His child and He is my God. So, as my journey continues into today I commit to Him all of these issues trusting Him in them rather than only seeing my ineptness. The Serenity Prayer says, “taking one day at a time, one moment at a time, accepting hardship as a pathway to peace”. I know so many hardships bigger than this so having this reminder gives perspective.

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