“God is calling you right now to a faith that is bigger than your fear!” This is the quote on a card my prayer warrior made for me and gave to me last week when we met. I brought it home thinking it was a beautiful card with a great message. However, Kathy put it on my desk where I see it each time I sit down. This reminder has been so inspiring the last few days–a faith bigger than my fear.

When I first retired from my full-time admin job to step into consulting 13 years ago, I was talking to a good friend about it. I don’t recall the exact conversation, but I mentioned my fears. He grabbed me by the shoulders and said, “Earnie, when will you ever quit giving in to your fears?” It was the first time someone had ever addressed my fears with me–at least that I recall. Since that time however, I’ve been much more awake to the truth of how fears impact the steps I’m willing to take. Now, 13 years later, I sense reservations, but I don’t sense the gripping paralysis I use to have. This has been such a huge thing.

“God is calling you right now….” This is the other half of this quote which speaks. The couple of meetings I have this week are important ones which God has inspired. I only know He has opened the door for them. I am joyful inside with the anticipation of what they will bring about. Only God knows at this point in time, but I know beyond a shadow of doubt God is the One who inspired them.

In my scripture reading today in Genesis, Isaac is opening up the wells of water his father Abraham had dug. These wells were filled in by the enemy neighbors over the years. Joyce Meyers writes a note stating for the reader to examine your own life. Do you have any wells (springs of life) which have been filled in due to life? If so, let the Holy Spirit reopen them so the abundance of God’s life flowing blood can flow through you again. One of these wells for me is what this quote tells–“…faith bigger than your fear”. How good God is!

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