A month ago I was struggling to know how our restoration classes and Celebrate Recovery were going to take place this fall. I had no Light being given. All of the energy I’d usually be putting into this work by mid-July was just on-hold seemingly. I kept turning to God wanting to sense direction but the only direction I received was to wait. The waiting has ended and now I see God’s Work at hand.

Yesterday I met with a new leader for one of our restoration classes. She is seasoned, sensitive and on fire. This week we will meet with pastors in a near community about starting an “ecumenical CR”. I’ve mentioned this and now we will see how God is preparing this. Our own leadership is meeting Tuesday night to challenge us. We have a reason for the meeting, but I’m eager to see how God orchestrates it as it materializes. God seems to surprise me each and every time. I have a definite outcome I want from the meeting when God continuously reminds me that it is His Outcome He wants me to focus on. Thus, I am surrendering the order of the meeting to Him and I wait in eager anticipation.

I mentioned the scripture Habakkuk 3:19 in a recent post. It talks about the “hind’s feet” God gives us to address our high places. I’m seeing so clearly now how God is helping me to face these current situations with faith rather than “my plan”. Hinds feet are empowered by a spiritual strength which I don’t know until I surrender my own efforts which have never achieved as God has wanted. How much I love our God’s patience in getting me focused on His Ways rather than my own so His Strength can become what moves me (us) forward.

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