I was amazed last night with the meeting of our leadership for Celebrate Recovery. It ran as smoothly as a well-oiled machine even though there had been no physical agenda prepared. It truly was God’s meeting. It turned out to be more of a time to prepare each member for reflecting. We will meet again in 2 weeks to allow each one to respond to this time of reflection and from there we will begin to move forward into our new year for the ministry which will begin on September 17 with the kickoff.

Today at noon I will meet with the pastors in a neighboring town. The seed will be planted for an ecumenical Celebrate Recovery. Two from our own leadership team will join me as we present to them how this could work. None of their churches would need to host it for it would be held in a new center just being finished in town. However, if they have individuals in their own congregation who would join other individuals from other congregations, the work could come together supporting this great ministry. This center has been built for the sole purpose of promoting a safe place for youth through adults to come and find Christ. The couple who built this center have done so solely on faith from God nudging them. Now is the beginning of seeing the community’s response.

“God is calling you right now to a faith that is bigger than your fear!” This quote is exactly where God is working on me. He has helped me begin to move my human eyes from seeing the broken person I thought I was to using my spiritual eyes to see the new creation He created me to be. This person has fears but they don’t own me as much as my faith inspires me to want to respond to this God who keeps showing over and over His endless grace and mercy. How grateful I am!

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