God is definitely working and has been working. Somehow, I always know this in my mind, but to see it in action never ceases to amaze me (even though I feel ashamed to think I don’t just expect it knowing God is Who He Is). The meeting with pastors yesterday in our neighboring town went even better than I had hoped. They were very receptive to working together with their congregations to get a core leadership group identified and get a Celebrate Recovery going in their community. What also startled me was their gratitude that we’d take the time to work with them getting this going. That was an unexpected blessing. There is much to do, so many details which will need to come together, but the first step has been taken. These pastors will now go back to their congregations and work with them to see who steps forth. We have another meeting set in a month with any of these folks who God is nudging. I look forward to seeing how this unfolds.

As I go into today it is a very different story. I meet with a troubled district and their leader. I’ve not been able to find a place to take root. I was wrestling with this as I was journaling to God this morning. (In fact, I had a most troubling dream about today’s meeting during the night last night). When I asked God what He wants me to know for today, He nicely reminded me that I’m working with man, but I work FOR HIM. See the issues, but look to ME for the connection rather than to the man. Boy, did I need that reminder today. I’m ready now for the meeting. God is such a blessed GOD.

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