Today was the day God gifted me with my first born child. It was a Sunday and we had just arrived at church at about 7:45 am when the contractions started. We were having 3 worship services so we were going to stay for the first one at 8:30 and then head back home to begin timing the contractions. However, within about 10 minutes, we headed home anyway! It was 7:58 that evening that Amy was born. What a treat!

A gentleman came up to me yesterday morning at church and shared some startling facts with me. I’d met him a couple years before, but it was casual until yesterday. I don’t know how, but he’d been told of my story and so he shared some of his own with me. There is much similarity. He is starting to get help for what has been tormenting him all of his life. How I pray for God to remove the blinders he has had about who he is, who God is and what Jesus Christ has done for him, in spite of what his earthly father did to him. Satan has been defeated and he will no longer have a foothold in this man’s life. The secret is out and the healing has begun! How great our God is!

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