Today we are celebrating the birthday for my oldest daughter. The actual birthday is tomorrow but today is the day when we can all get together. I have always loved little ones even from the time I was very young myself. When Amy was born I quickly began to learn that loving little ones and caring for them didn’t always work smoothly. However, looking back on that time, I see just how quickly the time goes. The newborn within a year was beginning to talk and walk and these traits continue into today except the walk is now marathon running and the talk is literal or texts or calls. I love them all too. Happy Birthday my #1 daughter!

I wrote recently about God pointing out Habakkuk 3:19 for me to use as an anchor for each day. I hadn’t pointed out a specific portion of this verse that troubled me. It is in the last part where it says, “…He makes my feet like hind’s feet and will make me to walk and make progress upon my high places.” In just a few weeks I’ve found some of these high places which I’ve now begun to address with God’s Strength that He promises. The troubling part is “making progress”. I don’t want to make progress–I want them obliterated! Making progress means they still exist and I’ve pleaded with God for most of my life to remove them. Now, God is showing me His Ways. He is removing them by me taking steps which allow progress, but don’t do away with the temptations, old beliefs, etc.

Our flesh is made up of temptations in part because we have a selfish nature from the beginning. The false beliefs came from years of living and hearing lies. What God is showing me is that first I had to begin believing He cares enough for me to address these high places, Then, I needed to accept the truth that it is His Strength which overcomes them once I believe and that the overcoming starts by making progress. This life of ours is so much easier to live when we quit seeking it to be our way and learn to receive it God’s Way. I am a work in progress!

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