I have mentioned a book study I’m doing with another man each week. The book is I Give You Authority. It has been very awakening to the fact that God is Spirit, He sent Jesus to us in flesh and Jesus has conquered the death of flesh so we can enter heaven with the spirit given to us. In addition to all of this, when we accept Jesus into our lives He gives us the Gift of The Holy Spirit. All of that said, Satan is spirit and all of his minions too. I have known all of this but in reality, I’ve not given too much attention to it. The fact that I battle a sin nature and its temptations, I’ve battled the sins done to me through abuse in my growing up years, has not been processed until now through the lens of spirit and demons.

I realize this topic is controversial for many folks today, but I also want to stress that this is real whether we want to believe it or not. My grandma would talk about this often and I never questioned its validity. I just never applied it to me much of the time. The authority we are granted through Christ entering our lives and the power of this authority has been very under used and valued as I’ve lived my life. Today I can recognize this much more clearly. The shame of sin, the pride of man are tools Satan uses to cause us to keep our minds on ourselves rather than on the overcoming POWER of Christ’s presence in our lives.

The power of BELIEF, the confidence of TRUST and FAITH, come from the STRENGTH of GOD who is SPIRIT. I’m learning much about this. Some might say I’m going off on the deep end, but in reality, I’m finally getting the truth of Who God Is, and who God has been wanting me to know about myself with Him through HIS SON JESUS CHRIST! Amen.

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