There is an author whose name I don’t recall, but he talked about word pictures. He says that when we can put our concern into words which paint a picture the reader or listener can see in their minds, it gets the meaning across in a more permanent, clear fashion. That is what happened for me this morning as I was having my devotional reading. Oswald Chambers is one of the writers who God is using to touch many lives today adding clarity to building one’s relationship with our Father, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit.

Oswald writes that, “We must recognize the difference between burdens that are right for us to bear and burdens that are wrong. We should never bear the burdens of sin or doubt, but there are some burdens placed on us by God which He does not intend to lift off….” As I read this I began to see clearly something I’ve always wanted to hide. This is the burden of having gay thoughts. My childhood abuse left me with hetero and homo thoughts. Neither are sins, they are apart of our flesh. I’ve always wanted to hide this, however, keeping it a secret. This morning as I read this devotional I could see that this is a burden God is intentionally leaving with me so “we” can use it. In fact, we do use it, I just don’t like using it. Oswald goes on in his writing to say that when God has left a burden with us we can share the load with Christ for He wants to share this burden and use it for His Honor and Glory helping others with similar struggles.

I had never thought about sharing the load this way. However, this morning I could see clearly Christ taking the one end of the load onto His Shoulders. It reminded me of the scripture in Matthew 11:29 which says, “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” Today I gave the one end of this burden to Christ and thanked Him for it knowing He uses it and I get to be part of the use. How humbling, comforting and rewarding this is. What a GREAT GOD we serve!

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