Yesterday ended a 3 day marathon of on-line meetings. Yes, these meetings are a nice way to get information out to folks eliminating the need to be face to face, but it is still a lot of sitting. Now that I write this, I recall thinking how much I had to sit when I’m in a face to face meeting. It isn’t about the on-line, it is all about the number of meetings and the length of them. OK, I have this squared away now!

Yesterday afternoon when the meetings were done I had a message in messenger from a student I had several years ago. He wanted to know if I’d share my phone number which I did. He called me last night and we talked for almost an hour. I found it amazing and saddening that he is going through a tough time. When I told him I relate to his hurt he asked me how I’d know? I briefly told him my background and why I am so involved in recovery ministry. He said he was afraid to share his story for fear it would be told to others. I assured him that in the 12 years of working with recovery I’d never heard once of someone sharing another’s story. The agreement that “what’s shared in the room stays in the room” is kept. No man shares his story with the hope it gets told publicly. He will hopefully come to tomorrow’s step study class. God is always working with us. How grateful I am to be a part of His Kingdom. I now pray this young man will follow through and will face his fears tomorrow and come. To God be the GLORY!

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