I realized in writing the above date that today would have been my parents 93th wedding anniversary. That alone ought to let someone know they are getting old!

I have mentioned several times the book, I Give You Authority. I awoke last night and couldn’t sleep. It seemed I needed to get up and address some lingering, deep issues. The chapter is entitled, Past, Present, Future; which my friend and I will be addressing this coming week. By now I can so easily see what the author is talking about when he addresses the secret places within us and how these places are homes to an evil spirit or to more than one. God has been showing me through this time of reading that some beliefs I’ve had do not need to be held onto any longer. I’ve already address the belief of unworthiness recently. It was time to address some of intimacy. I know what I’m writing can be controversial to folks living in a culture as our own where things like evil spirits are poo-pooed. I believe that alone is one of Satan’s biggest lies he wants man to believe.

Intimacy is a huge topic and SO personal. However, the three things my prayer warrior told me are huge in this topic: self-love, self-appreciation and self-confidence. It is time for me to be intimate with myself so I can be intimate with others the way Christ modeled–“…to love others as I love myself”. All I know is this is where God has me. I thanked Him for this as I had my devotions this morning. I trust HIM and will obey HIM.

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