This new week begins. Tomorrow I’m to meet with the pastors in the neighboring town to see if there is interest in beginning the joint Celebrate Recovery from their churches. We met with them a month ago and planted the seed for this. I heard yesterday from the lady who is hosting the location for the meeting that only one pastor is planning to be there. I want to jump ahead and translate this into my meaning which isn’t a good one. However, as I had my devotions this morning it was clear that I’m to move forward without my expectation. This is God’s Work for which He has me doing mine–obeying. I can’t interpret God’s timing and I sure can’t know the future He is planning. What I can do is obey for today and I know this is what He is wanting of me.

God is such a GOOD GOD. I want to please Him by obeying as the day begins and continue throughout the day. In reading Leviticus 5-9 this morning I read that Moses sacrificed the ram to purify his brother Aaron and Aaron’s sons. In so doing Moses put the ram’s blood on the tip of the right ear, the tip of the right finger and the tip of the big, right toe. Joyce Meyer writes that this is to signify that they would hear God’s voice, do what He asks and go where He wants them to go. We are to do the same for the blood of Jesus Christ was shed for us. I loved this clarity she provided. This is obedience. This is my assignment.

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