It is amazing to read God’s Word from the perspective of living today rather than to know about what took place so many thousand years ago. Today in Leviticus God was giving Moses directions for the Israelites about eating. Following the directions there was another promise which is found in Leviticus 11:45. It says in part, “…therefore you shall be holy for I am holy.” Not only did God promise from yesterday’s reading that the glory of God would appear to all of them, He now tells them they will be holy because He is holy.

These promises of old are not dead promises. In fact, they are even more accessible for us today because of Jesus Christ and His promised gift of The Holy Spirit. I don’t just want to know this, I then want to believe it and lastly to live it out day by day in how I live each day. These promises, for which I am only starting to see are real for me, are right here for you and me. It is as though blinders are being lifted from my eyes. I love this! Thank you Jesus!

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