Today’s lesson for me is simple, but profound. Yesterday I spent the day with a consultant working with a district I serve. Today I will be with her again and tomorrow also. We spend time after observing instruction to analyze what we see so we better offer what is needed for the staff. The human reasoning is always at work. So, what does this have to do with my lesson of today? In my devotional reading it focused on the difference between human reasoning and spiritual obedience. In the world of flesh we try to use our reasoning skills to better prepare for today and tomorrow. In our spiritual world we don’t usually know, if ever we do, what God is going to have us do if we are obedient to His Spirit’s nudge/s. Reasoning often gets in the way of our simple obedience, at least it sure does for me.

This seems like a simple lesson to put into place, but…. The devotional went onto say that following our obedience we are able to discern what obedience allowed to take place. Obedience coupled with faith/trust is key. A simple lesson, but so profound.

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