I am no theologian, but this morning’s devotional time took me into what I believe would be a theological moment. As I’ve written a couple days ago, I’m reading through Leviticus and journaling the promises of God as I find them. Today I was reading about the blood sacrifices and their purposes in chapter 17. It was there that I read a reference to Genesis 2:7 when God breathed the breath of life into Adam after he was created. Adam was already alive at the moment, but the breath of life which God breathed into him was the breath of eternal life–God’s Spirit. The created body of Adam now carried the life of God in its blood flow. This is what separated him from the animal kingdom. This is also why Christ’s shed blood on the Cross was so important for you and me. Adam’s blood was polluted when he sinned. Christ’s blood was not.

I have never pictured in my mind the truth about this blood sacrifice and the blood’s importance to me (each of us). What really took me back for a moment was that I have the life blood of Jesus flowing through me cleansing and nourishing every part of me. This body of mine which I’ve struggled with all of my life has the continuous cleansing blood flowing through it! This body of mine which I’ve always viewed as abused and tarnished throughout has been cleansed completely and I today can see it this way! Is this theology? I don’t know, but what I do know is that I AM CLEAN by the blood of the LAMB–JESUS CHRIST! What a revelation of truth!

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