The weight of sin on each one of us can be so subtle that we don’t know it is there. This is what I’ve been experiencing for the past several weeks as I’ve been doing this book study I’ve mentioned numerous times. Once again, it is: I Give You Authority, by Charles Kraft. This book was suggested to me by my spiritual mentor/prayer warrior. The author’s main purpose in writing it is to help the reader not only know that Satan’s demons are real, what they do is real and what they do in society today is still as real as it has been since creation.

Recently, what I’ve been reading has exposed the beliefs I’ve had about God’s creation of dad, my bother Rich and myself. I’ve never gone there in my thinking nor has any counseling session taken me to this point. My abuse from them started before conscious memory began for me which has left me with an insecurity about who I am and why I was created. Even though I’ve forgiven them for the years of abuse, if I saw their faces in my mind, it always triggered the memories of abuse. Yesterday’s meeting with my friend brought out the ugliness of this and the bondage it had on me. God has been helping me to to not only love myself and appreciate myself, but He has been steadily helping me to have confidence in myself. So, in yesterday’s meeting I was able to address the bondage called “lack of confidence”. As I addressed the truth of this bondage in me and saw it as a tightly closed closet within me, I was able to open the door on which Christ was knocking. The demon had to flee in Christ’s presence and I am free today. I am free to see Rich as my brother and to see dad as my dad. Yes, they sinned, but Christ forgave them of this. Now I no longer have the weight of their sin upon me–Praise God!

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