I am getting a later start this morning. I rose at my typical time to head to the school district I typically visit on Mondays. However, I could tell through the night that a cold is settling in my head–(my weak spot for colds)! With everyone trying to be very careful these days I knew I shouldn’t go with these symptoms. I’m headed to the health clinic when I’m done writing this just to make sure this is just a cold. I come in contact with too many people to do otherwise.

Yesterday after church I made a visit to my prayer warrior. I wanted to tell her of the recent victories God continues to provide. It has been so amazing to me that she suggested the book I mentioned yesterday for its help for my friend. Yes, he is getting lots of help from it, and I am too! Little did I know just how many doors I still had locked away in my memory bank holding onto things I just didn’t know how to address, so I hadn’t. When I told this to my warrior, she said it is no surprise to her, God is still helping her see her own humanness in areas of her life. Our God is so relentless in His Abiding Love.

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