Yesterday I spent a couple hours with the man I mentioned. I wouldn’t have known him if I had to choose from two people on the sidewalk. The last time I’d seen him he was a young, vibrant man. Yesterday, he was a broken person living life one day at a time sharing a home with over 10 other broken men. As he told me his story I could see the spirit rising of the youthful man he once was. Then, another tragedy and it would disappear. Yes, the choices he made in his lifetime brought about tremendous damage to his body and spirit, but he wants to find God and find a purpose for living now. I had little to offer him except that God is always interested in helping us find Light again–His Light. He is getting daily help which is good.

Today I go back to one of my schools. There is much to do but I will be doing it alone and sharing my work through emails since the principal is quarantined due to his exposure last week. These times are troubling to say the least, but each day when I’m at the schools and see the children coming to learn, I am always motivated to work through whatever obstacles are before us. We cannot let months and years go by lessening what we offer our children in this area of their education. God always has a way and we will find it with Him.

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