The book of Leviticus is truly one of rules and regulations God gave to Moses for the children of Israel to follow and live by. I had written earlier that God motivated me to write down His promises to His children if they obey these commands. In so doing I have two pages in my journal of His promises. Then today, as I reached the next to last couple of chapter, I find that almost all of chapter 26 is one promise after another. The greatest of these promises is God’s promise that He will never break His covenant with them. No matter how far they move away from Him, He will faithfully wait and bring them back to Him. The Bible is a continuous story of this journey. Then I take a look at us today and I see that we are no different. We are adopted children into this same covenant of promises.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from my intentional years of recovery is God’s faithfulness to us. He has waited my lifetime to teach me that His gift to man–choice, can go either direction. God will not interfere with man’s use of choice, but He will provide a way of escape for those who are victims of man’s wrong choices. These ways of escape are often not immediate because only God knows the future. I have lived a long time to get to the place of much more fully trusting God’s Wisdom. Working with recovery needs has taught me that God always has a Way out which leads to Him if we will turn from our wicked ways as Leviticus outlines so well.

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