As I was reading last evening in the book for which I’m doing the book study, I found myself questioning the idea that spirits can be “that real”. How can they influence so much of our own life and the lives of those around us? I’ve run up against this same message before in other books I’ve read. In times past I’ve taken the things I thought were relevant and dismissed much of the intensity of this message as just someone’s ideas–but they are a little overboard.

This morning as I began to journal I asked Jesus what I was to do with this message? I started to doubt its intensity as the author was bringing out in the book and I was expressing my doubts to Jesus. Instantly I heard the message in my mind reminding me how I came about this book study. My prayer warrior had been led by God to suggest I do it with my friend. The message wasn’t to go through it so I could dismiss what I wanted and keep what I liked. Instead, I know Jesus was telling me I needed to stop and address what I doubted and question why I doubt it. Does the bible support the work of evil spirits? Good grief, the bible is filled with this. Man is not just flesh, but spirit and flesh. God IS SPIRIT. We are created in His Image. I’ve just squelched the spirit within me. As my dad use to say, “I’ve got to kill that spirit within you.” I doubt he really meant what that message portrayed.

If I’m going to be a child of God, surrendered fully to Him, be a messenger of His Word and a warrior of HIs for others, I need to know all that this entails. I want to question for the sake of understanding God’s message rather than question for the sake of dismissing it.

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