Today is step study day following the first service at church. We will today step into the first lesson that is new to all of the attendees. We have caught up with the work done last spring and now we are a team ready to embark on the overcoming work of our Holy Spirit within. It is lesson 5–Turn. For a first-time attendee, the lesson focuses on turning your life over to the care and will of God. Accepting Christ into your life if you haven’t done so. For someone like me who has done about 10 step studies, the lesson takes on a whole new meaning, yet the questions are the same.

The very first question is: What is stopping you from asking Jesus Christ into your heart as Lord and Savior? Savior–yes. Lord, well, this is a daily event which will never change until death. Every day I have found that I must decide if I am going to be the one deciding for me or if I am going to surrender me so Jesus can be Lord. What I’ve found in the past several months are so many beliefs Jesus has wanted me to confront with Him and put to death. The three R’s I’ve recently blogged about: Recognize, Reject, Replace come into play here. Jesus has wanted me to do the three of these with each area he exposes. The most current one is what I wrote about yesterday. The degree for which Satan’s demons can influence us unless we dispel them in Jesus’ Name.

The new life which we gain from accepting Christ into our lives is the most precious gift. The prayer which ends this lesson on Turn has a part which I need to daily remember: “…Please continue to help me overcome my hurts, hand-ups, and habits and may that victory over them help others as they see Your power at work in changing my life. Help me to do Your will always. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen!”

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