Today is one of those days I always look forward to–staying home. I do have a couple meetings during the day, but for the most part, it is home. As I was reading my devotionals and my bible–Numbers, I found the passages all speaking the message–do not let fear stand in the way of completing what God has given to do. In Numbers, Moses just sent out the 12 to scout out the new land. Caleb and Joshua were ready to tackle the immensity of what they saw, but the other 10 were scared and triggered the fear of the most. My devotional message was saying that God has gifted each of us. Will we use what God has given to us or will we make up excuses as to why we aren’t the right person to do this? Fear is usually at the root of why we resist just as it was during this time for the children of Israel.

I have always been a doer. I learned as a child to do and do well so you can possibly be accepted or given approval. I never did well what dad wanted. God has taught me and walked with me through a great deal of recovery so I no longer am haunted by the voice of disapproval. I do still have some fear which shows itself, but I’m better equipped to see it before it cripples the work or stops it completely.

The other piece to this is, which has been a struggle for me, is doing good work and deflecting any praise it may generate. “Praise led to arrogance” which dad beat into my head and body. God is tenderly taking care of this too. Arrogance is man’s term and meekness is God’s term. When we are completing the gift/s God has given us and we do it with Him, He keeps us meek for we know it is of Him we do this, rather than of us.

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