Don’t you hate it when the stupidity of others looks just like you? In reading this morning further into the book of Numbers, the children of Israel are griping again. The food stinks, there’s no water they like, and more. My first instinct was, “Good grief!” And then my second instinct was again, “Good grief, that sounds like me!” The flesh is never happy for long when it is in control of our lives and we respond to it as though it should be in charge.

Kathy and I are in Pigeon Forge, TN. The flights yesterday (only two) were as smooth as could be. Other than needing to wear masks for long periods of time, things went extremely well. Our place is quiet and the setting is so beautiful with the lush plant life in this part of our country. I look forward to getting deeper into these Smokey Mountains. I had no idea this was such a tourist attraction. There are hotels everywhere. We are just outside of them for which I’m very glad.

My devotional said something this morning about forgiveness which made me think through some things I hadn’t had presented in the manner they were. Forgiveness is a process it said. The better our relationship is with Jesus the more complete our forgiveness is. So often we have our wonderful experience of accepting Jesus into our hearts and we quickly want to do something great for Him in return. We quickly get disappointed too when we do things for Jesus but the same struggles return in our lives and we wonder why Jesus hasn’t taken care of them? I’m changed so why don’t these people change or these circumstances, desires, temptations change?

As my own relationship with Jesus has deepened over these past years of my personal recovery, I know immediately why “these people haven’t changed” and why “these circumstances, desires, temptations are the same”. I’m not the owner of them, someone else is. I wanted my actions to be enough to change them or that. So many times in my life I was deeply disappointed (hurt) that this truth stood solid. Jesus has taught me so much about doing my part and letting Him take care of what needs to be done in all of these other circumstances. He is my Intimate Friend and Savior and He wants to be that for others too. My prayers need to shift from “griping” to “thanking”. Jesus is always at work and I show my thanks by praying for others instead of griping about them.

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