I love where we are. It is so peaceful and quiet. During the night there is no sound, and even in the mornings when people are typically going to work, there are no sounds. It is very dark at night for we are just far enough beyond the population that we don’t have city lights impacting anything.

I mentioned yesterday about the deepening relationship with Jesus Christ. I’m not sure how to put into words the phenomenal difference between knowing Jesus as my Savior, Lord and Intimate Friend, from living a life trying to earn the right to have Jesus be my Intimate Friend. Being free of the quilt and shame from one’s past is the biggest ingredient in this.

Today I was reading about Balaam and Barak. Balaam just couldn’t give Barak the blessing he wanted. Balaam would only give him the information which God gave to him. This was a continued blessing upon Israel and their future in Barak’s land. This land was soon to become that of Israel.

Even though I’ve lived the majority of my life in the same region I’ve never felt it was my home land. I’m happy there. 10 of my 12 grandkids are there and the gardening season is good so this makes me happy. Somehow though, my home land is not this earthly place. Knowing my relationship with Jesus is firm and my body is the home of The Holy Spirit made clean for Him by Christ’s Work on the Cross, I look forward to calling heaven my homeland. I will serve God and I want to do this while here, but my heart does long to see Jesus face to face. What a wonderful Savior we serve!

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