I love being here for this week. It truly is beautiful country. Learning the history of this area is one of the best parts of coming. I love nature. However, learning about what brought man to this part of our country and seeing what they did with it is an unexpected bonus. I came for the nature, but I love finding out about the human part too.

Yesterday we took a bus tour (a mini bus) with about 15 others. The driver was born and raised here. He is a tour driver and guide, a school bus driver for the local school district, and a pastor for his church. He also paints scenery of the old Tennessee and sang and played a couple of hymns for us as we went into one of the little old settlement churches. I doubt that he is even 40 years old yet. God is using him.

Another unexpected feature of coming here is finding out how many Americans are troubled by our current state. Our country is longing to return to its biblical roots. To return to the morality which is outlined so well by God’s Word is the desire of millions. I keep having the message of the book I’m reading and have mentioned several times: I Give You Authority, come to mind. The evil which has entered into the lives of so many in our country is wanting to overtake our country and every Christian element for which we once were united. Satan has a way of doing this in such devious ways! God is telling me to use my authority given by Him through Jesus Christ to face this spiritual battle with authority. He will be our Power but it is up to us to use our authority and cast these demons out when we pray. Join me if God is nudging you in this same direction.

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