I awoke this morning and had some alarming news. The man I went to see a couple weeks ago who I’d known best when he was a growing boy, was hit by a car and has been in the hospital for almost a week. I don’t know any more than this. He sent me a message just so I’d know. I’ve responded but that seems lame compared to what he likely needs. He just said it was pretty bad. Life is just so difficult for some. I can’t reason my way through it, I just need to leave this with the God for which I can have all confidence.

I am amazed with the number of people there are here. But then I have to awaken to the population base on the eastern side of our country compared to the western side where I live. The other difference is the size of the states which makes the driving much more convenient. I found out yesterday that October and July are the busiest months for this place. Cars and people are everywhere. This keeps surprising me for I wasn’t expecting such a crowd! I guess everyone wanted to be here when Kathy arrived!

As I near the ending for the book of Numbers, Moses has anointed Joshua as the new leader praying over him in front of the entire group. God has told Moses he will not be entering the Promised Land due to his disobedient behavior bringing water forth when the people were complaining. However, God still wants Moses to see it so He will take him on a personal tour of this land ahead of God taking him home for eternity.

I am simply amazed with this story. In all of the times I’ve read through the old testament I’ve just never felt like I do this morning. I’m reading about my friend Moses. I want to remind God of how faithful Moses is, but then God quickly reminds me just how faithful He was to Moses and all of the children of Israel. This same faithful God is mine today. I’ve been disobedient so many times and yet God gives “strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow–blessings all mine with ten thousand besides”, as the words of the old hymn describe!

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