Fourteen days have come and gone and it is now time to return home which we will do at noon today. I don’t care how long I’m gone from home, I have always had a sincere sense of return in me which starts a day or so before hand. This trip however, I have not had that happen until this morning. Even then it is not strong. As I prayed over my prayer list I see all the reasons to be going home. I continue to pray for our family here, but there are also others God has placed in my life. He wants me to continue my time there. It is obviously not done. In fact, I go home with a clearer vision in my head than when we left only 2 weeks ago.

Today’s devotional reading talks directly about what saves us. For so long I wanted all the “good things” I did to hopefully save me. Actually I didn’t question so much that I would be saved, but that God would somehow begin to like this person (me) He saved through His Son’s sacrifice on the Cross. Now I know beyond a shadow of doubt that God was never the one not liking me. I didn’t like myself thinking so wrongly about about past sin and its effect.

I go home today with the reminder that so many others I work with in our ministry of restoration have this same struggle. As we face the giants in their lives I want to remind them of God’s faithfulness and His gentle love He has for them even during this grueling time in their lives. Yes, it is time to go home and I do so with a clear next step. God is always the answer!

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