We made it home without even a single hitch. I had wondered with all of the current impacts of Covid what we may encounter. However, in all three legs of the trip, every flight was on time and the sailing was smooth. As we got home I had a couple hours of daylight left. It was to freeze hard last night so I quickly picked the tomatoes ready, mowed the lawn, and harvested the winter squash. These were the last of the produce I wanted for winter. There was just enough time to get this done.

Today’s devotional time reestablished every reason to be back home– TRUST. I wouldn’t have thought this pandemic’s impact on me personally would be as it is. However, this morning as I began to journal I found myself fearing what I’d find with the consulting work, our church’s ministries, etc. It just seemed there was darkness. As I continued with my devotions God was speaking clearly. His Light is for today. Today there is Light. I can see what I am to do today. Tomorrow there will be God’s Light provided at that time. TRUST is the Light of tomorrow for man (me). I can only see it when I look to God. When I look at this present darkness I don’t see any light until I look up. My devotional time was a wonderful reminder to look up!

As I entered into my adult years I knew I couldn’t do so if I were human as man is. Somehow I had to be better than that. The sexual abuse to my body had left me unable to be clean. The verbal and physical abuse had left me believing it for I was unworthy of anything but this. I worked endlessly to be good so I wouldn’t be this man I thought I was. Of course I failed always because I always looked just like man to the world around me. God has taught me that I am ok simply being a man. He created me as man. He redeemed me through His Son Jesus just as He redeemed all mankind who receive the redemption of Christ’s Work on the Cross. It was never going to be my work, I finally have learned that the work was done so long ago. How glorious our GREAT GOD IS!

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