A newcomer was part of our group last night at Celebrate Recovery. It was my turn to take a newcomer through what is called “101”. It is an introduction to someone who has come for the first time. During the hour we talked deeply about what the ministry is and isn’t as well as why he had come and what got me started. As I reread yesterday’s blog entry I am quickly reminded that God’s Brilliant Light does shine through us if we allow it through our obedience.

Having been gone for the past two weeks I was looking forward to attending the small group time last night which reconnects me with the other men. The 101 time with a newcomer is at the same time as the small group. However, there is nothing more gratifying than having a chance to see the Light of Hope click on when someone sees and hears this HOPE promise of God is for them. This man had just lost his job due to his addiction. His wife knew of our CR so he came to “try it out”. His words were, “I can’t believe it is right here at my family’s church.” His wife and kids attended but he didn’t. He had come last Sunday for the first time and recommitted his life to God. Now He is ready to address his addiction with the overcoming strength only God can provide.

God is such a loving, caring God, far above what anyone can possibly imagine! How grateful I am to be His child.

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