Today Moses gave his final address to the Israelites. In chapter 32 of Deuteronomy he does this. However, as I began to read it I found the wording so different than all of his other ones. As I got to the end of it I found that it wasn’t a spoken speech, but words of a song which the people were to pass down to the generations which will follow them. I don’t know about you but I can easily recall the words of a song. The tune will always bring words out. It seems memory is more deeply rooted when the roots are nourished with a tune. God knows His creation well.

I am so impressed with this life of Moses. The word says he was as healthy at 120 as he had been throughout his life. God had mightily used him. When God had approached Moses 40 or so years earlier in the burning bush he knew of God, now he knew God and God had used him to lead an entire nation to its Promised Land.

I don’t know what God might be saying to you, but I do know He asks me to help lead His children out of their darkness of sin into His Brilliant Light. God has shown me His Light in so many restoring ways over the past few years. Sharing this Light with others is my heart’s desire.

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