When I wrote my book in 2015 and felt led to give it the title: The Journey From Error to Heir, I did so because I was learning about living life knowing I am a child of the King. Then, as I began to write this blog 9 months following the book being published, I call it: The Journey Continues. Five years ago I was still grappling with the mental and emotional struggle of identifying with the truth of being an heir of God. I just couldn’t fathom this truth being real for me. God was using me and my story to reach people which I loved, but inside of me was still a chasm –a void–an emptiness from disbelief. It has taken another 5 years for God to prove to me the power of His Healing Love and the truth of His Word. Today I know I am a child of the King. Instead of doubt, I have such an overwhelming sense of gratitude!

I know I’ve written before about my prayer warrior and what a wonderful support she is. She is the one who more recently prayed over me about the three R’s: recognize, reject and replace. I was unable to find worthiness no matter how hard I tried. When I went to her with the fact that I recognized the lie I have believed for so long–the lie that I am unworthy and I had rejected it, I told her I didn’t know what to replace it with? How do I pray this prayer? She immediately prayed that God would replace it with self-love, self-appreciation and self-confidence. That was only a couple months ago. Since that time, God has been filling this void within me with a love and appreciation for myself. It isn’t like what my dad always condemned about me. It is an understanding love that God made me who I am and gifted me the way He did to be an instrument of His Handiwork. With all of this I could be confident that, “He who began a good work in me will be faithful to complete it.”

It truly is amazing to be 70 years old and feel vibrant inside due to God’s amazing love and healing. How much I want to praise Him!

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