Today the personal journey I daily write about takes a look at the national journey of our country. I have to confess that I sense a very dark cloud hovering over us. In our flesh we see this as man against man. In spirit I know it is a battle for man and for the heart of what God created man to be–His followers. Satan is spending his time attempting to destroy any nation or groups of people who proclaim Jesus as Lord and King. He doesn’t care if these people don’t call him lord. He just doesn’t want them knowing Jesus Christ as Lord.

With our eyes on man today, I have already been reminded to lift my eyes towards Heaven where I see a tremendously powerful LIGHT. I wish I knew the outcome of today right now. But, what I do know is the outcome of my lordship. It is to Jesus Christ my King! I pray the day is still present when our nation stands firmly on the ROCK of Jesus Christ and our leadership holds fast to supporting this.

Today I raise my hands in praise to God our Father for His promises. These promises are mine and ours. Today is a very important day, but it pales in comparison to the choice of our Eternal King. This choice is not an election, but instead, it is a choice of our heart. I never want to lose sight of this as our country battles over choosing a man.

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