Yesterday’s lesson continued into this morning’s devotional time. Yesterday’s question was asking if I see God in the present darkness? Today, from a totally different source the question was asked if I have thanked God for His work in the darkness for which I see? Yesterday’s question came from one of my devotional books. Today’s question came from my bible reading and a comment Joyce Meyer added. My bible reading is into Judges and Gideon’s visit from the Angel of God.

I have heard Gideon’s story all my life. Most of the time Gideon is criticized for being cowardly and requiring God to give him abundant assurance that he should do what God is asking of him. However, Joyce brought out a point in today’s reading which was what I needed to hear in response to yesterday’s devotional question about the present darkness.

All of us believers know that God is ultimately in control. If you are like me, you have momentary times when we forget this truth and our fear, worry, anxiety takes over wondering what in the world is next? The point in my bible reading which stood out to me was that when Gideon was shown by God that He was with him, Gideon praised God for not only being with him, but for the victory God was promising.

At a personal level I have character defects I deal with everyday. But, I’ve never thanked God for removing them ahead of time. I thank God for working with me on them and for removing ones which are gone, but God is wanting me in my faith to believe His Work will complete itself in me. This morning for the first time I thanked God for the the outcome of the work He is doing knowing I have failed all the time, but He has never failed! This is true of personal items as well as world-wide ones. Thanking God ahead of time demonstrates our Trust! I want to get much better in this lesson of life.

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