“Is your ability to see God blinded?” This was the opening question of my devotional this morning. My immediate answer was, “yes”. Where does God fit in all of the happenings of our present world, country, community? The devotional went on to ask where I’ve been looking? If I am looking at the events and not beyond them I will be troubled. If I look at man and his behaviors I will be troubled. If I look to man to address these troubled situations I will be troubled. The bigger question then became, “Who is my god?” If I only look to man I have made my god out to be quite small and he certainly isn’t the God for Whom I accepted as my Lord and Savior. What a good reminder it was to look beyond the issues of today and see GOD. In all of what is taking place, God is still very much in control. It is here I place my trust.

I have such a habit to seeing a problem and quickly diverting my attention away from it avoiding its reality. However, the lesson God is staying firm with is the lesson of learning to look only to HIM for my action rather than diverting my attention away from it. If I wait patiently until I do see God I can either relax in the time of waiting or I can clearly see any action God is wanting me to take. This is a big lesson for me–I’m going to be here for a while, but I stay here to better learn how to see God in all things.

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