Today’s journey, I want to say has me on my knees, but in reality, it has me standing with arms upstretched towards heaven. I asked Jesus what He wanted me to know from Him for today as I do each morning at the end of my journaling. His response was to pray His Light would penetrate the darkness so many have surrounding them and within them. Instantly I wrote down the names of several for whom I know this to be true. It seemed I was not to pray on my knees but with my arms raised to the heaven, to God my Father. His Light is the penetrating Light to all darkness. I could call by name, the darkness–evil for which each person faces and I did this. I recognized the darkness, I rebuked it and I asked God to replace it with His Light of Truth which is the POWER to annihilate this present darkness!

We men are so prideful that we believe we have the power within the flesh to overcome and defeat whatever is before us. This is true all over the world. There are those who know this lie and we know it well. God is asking us to declare this lie of Satan and to rebuke it in the name of Jesus Christ! Then, the truth of God’s Powerful Light can penetrate this present darkness. GOD is the answer not only for each one of us but to the community of us. I stand with my arms raised towards heaven declaring this truth to God my Father for HE alone is THE GREAT HEALER of all darkness!

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