Yesterday I went into a half day meeting wondering how God would work and what I was to do other than listen. This meeting went seemingly well. I contributed where it seemed appropriate and as I left I offered to give assistance in an area that seemed void of expertise needed. Before I got home and onto the rest of the day I had an email from the superintendent asking for me to step into this area of need. I responded thinking after Thanksgiving we could tackle it. However, after a couple of email exchanges, I’m going back tomorrow to get started. I’ve now been with this district for two years and this is the first time the door seems to be open.

It is amazing to watch how God works. Relationships and trust are always needed in order to do the best we can do. I am reminded that this is exactly the way God is with us. He waits for us to build our relationship with Him so we Trust Him enough to give our areas of void over to Him. It is then that He can shed Light where only darkness prevailed.

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