I wrote yesterday about going back today to the district I was with on Tuesday. I know that the “water runs deep” in this area I’m stepping into. I know how I’d want to handle this if I were the one in charge, but God is making it very clear that my role today is to be present. He is the One who wants to lead this work. He reminded me this morning that I am to be present and He will nudge as I am to respond. I’m grateful for this reminder too. My passion wants to delve into this head first. But, God has awakened in me a passion much deeper than my own. This is His Own passion. I don’t want to lose sight of it within me through HIs Holy Spirit.

Through the night last night I keep awakening to thoughts of this journey I’m on–the journey of recovery. God seems to be awakening more and more the journey of “living for Him”. So much of the journey of recovery needed to focus on my past. Now, the journey of living for Jesus focuses on today without the bondage of my past screaming messages to me inside my head. I’m so grateful for this miracle for which I now get to live. Our God is a Loving, Healing God! I use to long for this kind of living. Little did I know God was waiting for me to take the necessary steps addressing my fears so He could then be the VICTOR He already is. The voices still try to enter, but, the armor of God is so much more in place today addressing these lies of Satan. Praise be to God my Father!

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