God works in so many ways. One cannot grasp them all or even begin to do so. I can’t even keep up with my prayer list and how God is working with each one on it. Every morning as I kneel to pray for the ones on it I am reminded that, “Oh yes, I don’t want to forget this need or that hurt or this problem.” By the time the next morning comes around I find myself thinking the same thing all over again. I’m so glad God is not like this! He doesn’t forget and He also has the entire universe on His Mind. To think we are created in His Image is impossible to fathom, yet He says we are and I do believe it. I look forward with tremendous anticipation for the day to come when the limitations of this sinful world are lifted. Then, we will know and understand SO MUCH MORE.

Today several important chores are being addressed. In taking care of them I don’t want to lose sight of Almighty God in the midst of them. I thank Him ahead of time for already having the details addressed for which I stew over in my mind. I also want to thank Him for being the same God who will take care of every detail listed on my prayer list and the prayer lists throughout this world. He must smile wondering why it takes us so long to let go and allow Him to be GOD of this universe!

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