Our God is such an Amazing God! All the details of yesterday were addressed and the outcomes were better than I’d hoped. I thank Him for this.

This morning I have freedom on my mind. I lived so many years in the mental bondage of abuse and I craved freedom from it. I always thought freedom would be the absence of the bondage and that absence meant removal of the memories. Somehow, I hoped God, in His miraculous ways, would remove all of the memories and their torments. Over the past decade God has shown me/taught me that there’s no ministry in removal of memories. It might be a miracle, but then I couldn’t use the memories as freedom weapons to share with others. With all of that, I came to know freedom as having the memories but not being in bondage to them.

As I consider the broader picture of freedom I awaken to the freedom we have in America vs the lack of freedom so much of our world yearns for. I realize that finding freedom as we have in America was a war and hundreds of battles. To maintain the freedom means continuing the battles. For me to maintain the freedom I personally have, I need to continue to fight battles. Jesus Christ won the war, but I need to be ready for battle. God gave me His Armor as found in Ephesians 6. The armor is protection with the exception of the Sword of the Spirit–the Word of God. All of this makes so much sense today.

Lastly, today, my devotional talks about the freedom to surrender. What man ever found freedom by surrendering? It seems to be an oxymoron. However, the best freedom of all in Christ Jesus is surrendering to Him and letting Him lead your life, your choices, your actions. In so doing, we find PEACE. The best thing about freedom is living in peace. In Christ Jesus this is found through surrender. Today, I surrender.

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