The weekend has turned into quite a challenge. Someone close to us put themselves in a situation that could easily have been fatal. We spent Friday night and much of yesterday working with the family to unravel this and to get the right help involved. Only God could put all the pieces of this unraveling together as He did. I praise Him for this too. Everyone is now safe, but, there is so much that must be done so that this does not ever repeat itself.

The weekend’s events certainly made my devotional message this morning alive. The devotional messages were all about having the faith to believe the promises of God through HIs Scripture and to give The Holy Spirit access to every part of us. Then my scripture reading was in II Samuel where David is seeking to find any family left of his dear friend Jonathan. When David finds Mephibosheth, Jonathan’s son who had been crippled since his early childhood, he was living in a poor little village with another family. David rejoices to have him sit at his royal table and to have all the privileges the king could offer him.

God is so relentless in keeping these same privileges David offered Mephibosheth, before us. In spite of our humanness and the sins of our flesh, He offers to each of us a place at His Royal Table. He has opened the door for this by the sacrificial gift Jesus Christ provided through His death on the Cross. The door is wide open to receive this gift too because Christ didn’t stay in the tomb. HE ROSE AGAIN! In so doing, the door to accept God’s invitation is wide open.

Mephibosheth didn’t think he was worthy of David’s gift (offer). Our world is filled with people who have Mephibosheth’s beliefs. I have been one of them too. This is one of Satan’s most powerful tools. Once we recognize this, it’s time to rebuke it in Christ Jesus’ Powerful Name and then replace it with the promise God has given to us–a place at His Royal Table. It is true for you, me and every other person alive because of Christ’s sacrifice. Our job? Accept Jesus Christ into our life and BELIEVE!

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