Bonnie is awake! Yesterday afternoon I was sent the text from her older son that they had removed the ventilator, her lungs are working almost to full capacity and there is no sedation. Even though she is mostly sleeping, it is her sleep and not the sleep of drugs. Now the doctors can begin to determine the right next steps. God is so good! There are many mountains ahead to climb for my sis, but it is so good to know she is awake.

Last night’s Celebrate Recovery lesson was ACTION. The T in the acrostic stands for Turn It Over. When we are having negative thinking, replace it with positive thinking. Turn that negative thinking over to the positive side. What does scripture tell us about the negative thinking we are having? Replace the negative with positive. As I heard this in the lesson I, for the first time, realized this is what God has been working to do with my own thinking this past couple of years. I easily believed God’s promises for others, I just couldn’t believe them for me. However, in God’s relentless love for me (each of us), He won’t quit keeping the message before me until I began to believe. It all started when I was given the 3-R’s: recognize, reject and replace. I could recognize, I could reject, but what did I replace this with? I was then given the 3-S’s: Replace with God’s promises for self-love, self-appreciation and self-confidence. The action I needed to take was the action of believing. The steps I have been taking within this action of believing are the ones in the 3-R’s and the 3-S’s.

How I love God’s relentless Spirit which He has given to each of us–right within us too! What a BLESSED GOD we get to serve.

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