Yesterday afternoon I talked with my sis Bonnie. I could hardly believe she sounded like herself. There was no weakness in her voice and she laughed as well as cried. As she cried so did I as it was such a blessing to hear her talking! How much I praise God!

One of our step study men called last night to talk about hope. He and his wife have been headed to a divorce and his wife has moved out. However, she had come over the night before and expressed some desire to work things out. We talked a lot about what “things” needed to be worked out. There has been a good deal of hurt in their few years of marriage and this is what we agreed needed to be addressed–not things. Coming this far with the step study lessons, he could see this clearly. It is amazing what a glimmer of hope does for a person. All of a sudden the phone calls which had been about loss, sorrow, complaining, etc., turned to questions about rebuilding and remaking. There was an entirely different inflection in the voice. Hope is genuinely a gift of God.

This GOD we get to serve is Amazing! Just when one can only see darkness, a LIGHT shines through and it penetrates all darkness. How blessed it is to experience this LIGHT!

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