The young man I mentioned a couple days ago whose wife’s words gave him a glimmer of hope, called last night and again early this morning. The message has changed from one of hope to one of no hope. Of course he is devastated. He has an interview this afternoon for a new job he hopes to get. I prayed with him that today would be a day where he would be surprised by seeing and sensing God’s presence both in him and around him. Please join me in this.

Tonight is our Christmas blessings with our Celebrate Recovery group. We annually do this and it always seems to be just what it is called–a blessing. When one is in crisis, which so many are who come to Celebrate Recovery, it is difficult to see the blessings we have. I have had those times in my life and there were those around me who helped me see the blessings I couldn’t without their help. God is wanting us to let His Light shine through us in our words and in our presence for those we know who are in their own crisis.

What a magnificent God we serve. This same God who helped us through our most difficult times is still the God who is helping His children today. An even greater blessing is that we get to join Him in this help as we allow our hurts, hang-ups and habits to no longer be secrets of shame, but instead, be tools in God’s toolbox.

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