Today is the Lord’s Day. As I was journaling this morning and asking for God’s leading in some activities taking place for which I am leading, He reminded me that He leads best when I am surrendered. My word, I instantly shifted from asking to surrendering. The activities I’m leading are ones which I have a good deal of background, so of course, I feel confident in doing them. I just wanted God to lead. However, as soon as He pointed out my need to surrender I realized how many times I have lead and had the activity only partially complete itself. I’m so glad for God’s Spirit speaking His Truths. Surrender is always what I want to do and so often neglect. Today, I am surrendered.

The Serenity Prayer tells us “…one day at a time, one moment at a time….” This guidance we apply to hardships all the time. Today I am reminded that it applies to all days and all things. Surrendering to Jesus each and every day and each moment of the day allows Christ to be Lord as well as our Savior. I thank God for this powerful reminder.

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