Today I return to the schools for which I am assigned. This will be their last week before Christmas break and each of them are able to meet in person rather than on-line. I’m glad for that.

As I began to journal and asked Jesus what He wanted me to know for today, I was urged to close my eyes. I did this but truly saw nothing but darkness until I opened them while still standing. It was then that I saw my reflection in the window. My arms upstretched towards heaven. I sensed God’s Spirit saying that this is the pose He wanted from me throughout today and each day–keeping myself focused on Him all through the day.

As I began my devotional reading, its focus was on clouds in our lives. The author said the clouds represent troubles, problems, others close to us in distress. He went onto say that if in our clouds we only see the people struggling, we will be in distress too. However, in the clouds of our lives, God wants us to see HIM. If He is truly our Savior and Lord, if He truly is Almighty, if He is truly our God of Mercy and Grace, and if we truly believe this, then in our clouds we should not stop looking until we only see God. It is then we can Trust that no matter what the clouds are representing to us, we see only God in them.

I needed this message this morning. I am going into this day with my hands and arms lifted toward heaven–to my God Almighty! It is He I see in the clouds!

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