Two weeks and three days ago my sis just older than me had a serious stroke. For four days she was on a ventilator and in an induced coma. All of us wondered if she was going to stay with us here on earth. On that 4th day I placed her on our church’s prayer chain and within 3 hours she was off the ventilator and awakening. Now, 17 days after the stroke, she is going back home. Her older son will be staying with her 24/7 continuing the therapies which he was taught by the therapy unit where she has been for the past week. It is such a miracle! All of us praise God for His abundant Grace and healing.

Last night our quartet sang for a gentleman who is dying. He has been battling a blood cancer and has now developed pneumonia. (This was in his home by the way. We would never be allowed to do this in a hospital due to current situations). What an inspiring moment in time to see him and his wife lifted in spirit with the message of ministering songs. When we sang, “How Great Thou Art”, his face simply glowed. When this ended they said this was their Christmas gift. I’m always amazed when we go to give a gift of music to someone/s to only find the greater gift is ours. The tears would well up inside of me as we’d sing and I’d try to keep my eyes on him. I find it amazing how the gift of giving completes itself in every direction when it comes from God’s heart to yours/ours. To serve our God is such an honor!

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