The activities which surround Christmas are taking place. I am wrapping presents to be placed under the tree and ones for the stockings. This is today’s assignment–get this finished. Kathy is busy preparing for meals and having the house in order. What’s different is who will be here. All the activities in preparation are the same. However, the motivation behind these activities is much less. Knowing the time with family is being changed makes the activities much less inviting. However, family will be here so we move ahead as though all the family will be here. I know we will have a joyous time because everyone wants this to be the case. I don’t want to lose out on the blessings of this year just because things are different.

The birthday of our KING is almost upon us. We will celebrate together in our hearts, this life-changing event. I know we will talk and laugh and play games and eat to our heart’s content. More importantly than all this is our thanks to God our Father for giving us His Son–Jesus to save us and redeem us. I bow my head in reverence, but I lift my hands in praise and adoration!

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