Yesterday was a powerfully, meaningful day for me. God opened a door of tremendous darkness within me that I now can call a lie from Satan. He has replaced it with the the very LIGHT of His Truth. There is a saying I heard almost 50 years ago and have always used: “Emotions are neither right nor wrong, they simply are. It is what we do with them that is right or wrong.” I’ve believed this but I could never give myself the privilege to believe that my emotions fell into this category. That is now gone and I can remind myself that I am no different from any other of God’s creations.

I keep hearing from so many that this Christmas season is turning out to be one to endure as this entire year has been. This is not different for us. However, I know that when I lift my eyes from the issues of today to the very Jesus Who came to us so many years ago at this time, I rejoice instead of lament the season. The things of this earth are troubling. They will likely get even more so as the years move on and we get closer to Christ’s return. However, as best I can, I will lift my eyes to Him–Jesus Christ my Savior and Lord. He is the first and only reason for Christmas and I never want to do anything but celebrate Him on His birthday only two days away.

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